Helping leaders be authentic

Leader's can't be authentic alone

What started as a brief overview of what makes an authentic leader sparked great discussions and debates between Steve and I, and made us both realise that authentic leadership means something different to everyone. It also made us realise that a leader can’t be authentic on their own. It is our responsibility to help support our leaders if we truly expect authentic leadership from them.

Great leaders will accept and be open to understanding how they can be a good leader -  for you.  It's important to realise that leaders are not mind readers; it is critical that you explain what you expect from them and what authentic leadership means for you. It is up to each individual to explain what they expect from their leader, and in turn for the leader to communicate what they can realistically deliver, given their own personal leadership style and qualities.


It's a two way street

Leadership is a two way contribution between leader and team member. Engaged members of the team can help to shape great leaders and authentic leaders appreciate and accept this while maintaining the integral structure of the team.

So how do you support your leaders? Do you engage with them openly and honestly? Do you understand their value system so you can better understand the decisions they make? Likewise, have you shared your values with them?

Authentic leaders can only thrive in a team, and organisation, of real people who truly bring their whole selves to work.

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