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Industry Awareness at ATD 2023

Awareness = the industry’s biggest theme & biggest blind spot


At Insights, we build high performing teams using the power of awareness. Some may say that the high-performance comes from the colour energies language, the Insights Discovery profile, or even the workshops themselves. While we are not inclined to push back on all this great feedback, we know the truth:

Awareness is the foundation of the success our clients experience from our programmes

ATD + Awareness

While at ATD this year, it was great for our team to participate in presentation after presentation about the role of awareness in how we transform thinking (Adam Grant), the role of awareness in how we can embrace and leverage AI (CoRise), and even the role of awareness in how we build our learning models (Dr Tanya Boyd).

But here’s the thing: Not one person, outside of Dr Boyd (but she works for Insights), actually used the word, awareness’.

It’s terribly ironic that the one thing the industry lacks awareness about is awareness.

We been on the forefront of awareness research for decades, and that’s why we spent considerable time at ATD listening to the speakers and talking to vendors, asking them about their take on awareness.

We’ve compiled the results in the ATD 2023 Awareness Report. We challenge you test and compare your own approach to awareness and download the report now…