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Our highlights from HR Strategy Forum

In today’s dynamic business landscape, where talent acquisition, retention, and development are critical to organisational success, HR networking plays a key role in driving strategic initiatives and fostering professional growth.

Senior HR leaders are at the forefront of navigating complex issues such as employee engagement and wellbeing, remote work arrangements and diverse leadership styles. By engaging in meaningful conversations and knowledge-sharing with other senior HR executives, HR professionals can stay abreast of the latest developments in the field and adapt their strategies accordingly to drive positive outcomes within their organisations.

HR Strategy Forum

The HR Strategy Forum is a boutique style event that brings CHROs, HR Directors, Heads of HR and other senior HR executives together with solution providers in a three-day HR business networking event. The forum looks to inspire debate, learn from one another, and ultimately broaden expertise to add real value and insights.




This year, we were delighted to attend, connecting with HR professionals across an array of organisations and hearing directly from HR professionals about the challenges they are currently facing. Ultimately, opening the doors to some really impactful conversations about awareness and Insights Discovery.  

We participated in approximately 20 pre-event sessions, which provided valuable insights into the challenges experienced by HR professionals. This enabled us to better connect attendees during the event, opening doors for future discussions about how we can support their team development needs.


Our highlights…

It was wonderful to see many of our existing customers in attendance, several of whom had speaking slots to showcase the brilliant work being done within their organisations. Connecting with them and learning about their experiences with Insights Discovery in their organisations was truly inspiring.  

Furthermore, it was fantastic to engage with decision-makers from organisations who don’t yet use Insights Discovery, enabling them to hear success stories directly from our customers.


Our presentation…

Our keynote presentation titled ‘Mindful Momentum- Unleashing Business Outcomes through Awareness for Performance’ resonated strongly with the audience. During the presentation, we demonstrated how Insights leverages its own tools and solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

We also highlighted the significant return on investment (ROI) achieved through our collaboration with Indeed (read more about the ROI report here),  which landed strongly with an audience who are deeply committed to enhancing employee engagement and customer satisfaction, while also prioritising increased productivity, profitability, market expansion and revenue growth




Across three days, we had fifteen minute business meetings with around 45 business leaders, as well as engaging speed-networking sessions with all 120 delegates.

In these sessions, we learnt about the business outcomes HR professionals felt could have the biggest impact on their people.

We also facilitated a breakout session, during which we conducted a condensed Insights Discovery session. This session focused on exploring how teams and organisations navigate challenges based on the preferences of their members when it comes to decision-making and information gathering.


Originally met with some scepticism from the audience, it was rewarding to witness a shift when a delegate exclaimed ‘this looks like an extract from my last performance review’, a moment that added a positive and resonant touch to the session.


It was invaluable to hear all about the main business challenges discussed by HR Executives throughout the networking. Our hope is that, from this event, we can now build and create lasting relationships, and spread the language of colour to more individuals, teams and organisations