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Revealing the remarkable ROI of Insights Discovery: Indeed success story

The impactful partnership between Insights and Indeed 

Read the full ROI report here. 

In the dynamic and fiercely competitive world of corporate culture, innovative L&D solutions have emerged as a driving force for both business success and employee satisfaction.  

With company spending under scrutiny, it’s important to understand the potential Return on Investment (ROI) for your L&D business programmes. Insights and Indeed have had a longstanding partnership since 2014. Over this period, Insights Discovery has delivered substantial ROI and truly transformative results. 

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into this incredible partnership and reveal how Insights Discovery has elevated team dynamics and delivered a substantial rate of return. Read more to uncover the secrets of this exceptional success story.  

Take a look at the Indeed ROI case study here. 

The power of Insights Discovery 

Insights Discovery ROI


Before we explore how this partnership unlocked transformative results, it's crucial to understand what makes Insights Discovery such a profound L&D solution.  

At its core, Insights Discovery is grounded in solid psychological principles. It lays the foundations for awareness and enables individuals, teams, and leaders to better understand their colleagues’ behavioural preferences and communication styles. 

The simplistic four-color model, represented by Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue, unveils the "why" behind behavioural preferences, possible blind spots, strengths, and how you’re perceived by others.  

These insights serve as a common language within an organisation, fostering collaboration, increasing appreciation for diverse working styles, and collectively elevating team performance. 

The application of Insights Discovery within Indeed  


Insights and Indeed entered their partnership with a unified goal: enhance team effectiveness. 

Over the years, this partnership has seen over 15,278 personal profiles generated and 29 practitioners accredited within Indeed's Learning and Development team. All of whom have played a pivotal role in delivering the Insights Discovery program and driving its widespread implementation. 

With dedicated teams on both sides, the program has expanded to ensure that every new Indeed employee receives their personal profile within the first 3-6 months of employment. This adoption ensures that all employees at Indeed feel heard and recognised immediately and that they’re better able to understand themselves and the team around them.   

A tailored learning journey 


Indeed's approach to learning and development revolves around three pillars: individual, team, and leadership development. Insights Discovery, primarily focused on enhancing team effectiveness, plays a pivotal role in supporting and developing teams. A blended learning pathway integrates personal profiles, workshops, e-learning, team activities, and a wealth of resources to keep the learning experience dynamic. 

What sets Indeed apart is its commitment to personal development, with employees empowered to track their progress through the program in their Learning Management System (LMS). This self-led learning approach, coupled with robust management support, has seamlessly integrated Insights Discovery into Indeed's corporate culture. 

This The ROI of Insights Discovery 

Indeed's investment in Insights Discovery led to significant savings and a remarkable ROI, so here’s the numbers everyone wants to know:  

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These impressive figures underscore the effectiveness of Insights Discovery in improving team dynamics, elevating communication, and fostering engagement. 

Reaching over $7 million in turnover savings proves the potential of Insights Discovery when it has been effectively implemented into an organisations culture. By providing individuals with a deep understanding of their own preferences and those of their colleagues, Insights Discovery fosters stronger connections and heightens awareness across the organisation.  

With these resources at hand, employees are more likely to stay connected and committed to the company, resulting in increased retention and substantial financial savings.  

The significance of ROI 

In today's fiercely competitive business world, financial accountability is non-negotiable. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and business leaders demand tangible data to understand the value of their people programs.  

The Insights Discovery ROI Impact Report provides these numbers, demonstrating how investing in personal development can lead to concrete financial benefits. 

If you’re looking to invest in your people programmes, take a look at the full ROI institute report here. 


Maximise your organisations ROI with Insights Discovery 


The partnership between Insights and Indeed serves as a beacon of hope in the ever-changing world of business. Insights Discovery has not only transformed team effectiveness but has also proven to be a wise financial investment. 

Invest in your people. Elevate your teams. Reap the rewards. Discover the power of Insights and the remarkable ROI it offers.  

As you plan for the future of your organisation, take a page from Indeed's book and explore the extraordinary possibilities that self-awareness can provide. 

Download the full ROI institute case study here.