Team development

The power of teams transforms; the power of organisations transcends

The power of teams transforms; the power of organisations transcends

We work with people, teams and leaders, in countries all over the world, in many different industries – healthcare, FinTech, retail, oil and gas, professional sports teams, and many more. And what we find time and time again, is that the power of teams working to their full potential is an absolute game-changer.


How great teams are made

The strongest teams consistently operate in full flow; they are open to ideas, know how to bring them to life quickly and in the right way; each person knows what they’re doing and how they fit into the overarching purpose of the team; communication is open and honest so that difficulties never fester in silence; goals are shared and meaningful to every team member; long-standing problems are tackled with an innovative and energetic mindset.

But where does this team magic come from? Well, it begins with every single person dialing up their self-awareness, so that they:

  • truly know who they are
  • can maximise what they’re great at
  • lean into what they’re challenged by
  • stay motivated during turbulent times
  • bring their own unique value to the workplace every day

When every single team member is operating at this high level, they begin to weave themselves into a high-performing team in a dynamic, human, motivated way that delivers results. We help our clients get there every day, taking the magic of self-awareness and multiplying it into something that makes the difference between good and great in any industry..


Take it up a notch

If your challenges are on an organisational level, then teamwork is the conduit through which you apply the solution; the primacy of the team in 21st century workplaces inevitably makes teams the pathway to wholesale transformation.

In recent years there has been a trend – a necessity in fact – for restructuring organisations. Companies have moved away from the old hierarchical model, towards a matrixed structure formed around cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams. This means that the power of the team, and the culture that various teams embody, hold a particular and prominent place in the health and climate of entire organisations.

So, the answer to addressing organisational challenges – be it a merger, a restructure, increasing competition, adapting to new technologies, pivoting to a new strategy, increasing employee engagement – is to work across teams, instilling self-awareness in every individual member, and helping each person build effective relationships with each and every colleague. By maximising on the prevailing culture of matrixed teams, we can quickly disseminate self-awareness throughout an organisation, taking it rapidly from the individual level, to the team, to the matrix of teams a person may be part of, then finally up and out, across the entire organisation.


Self-awareness is your competitive edge

You may be looking for something a little more concrete here: a 12-step plan for thriving through change, a detailed programme for tackling employee engagement. And sure, we’ve got plenty of that stuff to share with you if you want to talk. But the more fundamental truth of what we do is this: self-aware people are your best bet, your biggest asset and your sure thing, in this ever-changing world of work. Invest in them by partnering with us. We’ll help you to understand how applying the value your people bring, in the wonderful, various, human ways that they do, will give you an edge that your competitors can’t replicate.


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